Who wants to be a CBD millionaire?

Everything you need to know to make $1,000,000 dollars selling CBD.

Who can be a CBD millionaire? You can! Did you know that only six average-size CBD sales per day could make you a millionaire within a few years? It’s a fact! In this upcoming eBook titled “Who wants to be a CBD millionaire,” we’ll explain the entire business from the day you get started to the day you sell your company — for over one million dollars! Be sure to join to our subscribers to be kept up to date on this upcoming explosive series.

So, who wants to be a CBD millionaire? Having a million bucks in the bank is awesome. Having a million bucks in the bank because you’re helping people live a greater quality of life is even more awesome!

Did you know that hemp — the cannabis crop from which over-the-counter CBD products are produced — is the fastest growing industry in America today? Hemp is often referred to as marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin because, unlike marijuana, hemp doesn’t get you high. 

Imagine what it would have been like to own a tiny piece of the desktop computer explosion back in the 80s, or the mobile phone explosion back in the 90s, or the internet explosion at the turn of the century. If you owned just a tiny slice of those pies you’d be rich already. 

However, selling CBD has some obvious benefits over those industries:

  • Selling CBD doesn’t require any technical knowledge.
  • Selling CBD requires very little in startup costs.
  • Unlike the PC, cell phone, and the internet, a multi-billion dollar market for cannabis products already existed before it became legal.

In this CBD ebook, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • How to get started selling CBD
  • How to buy CBD products at greatly discounted prices that you can mark up and make a good profit
  • A variety of ways to sell CBD products online and offline
  • How to start an online CBD store
  • How to market CBD products online
  • How to open a local CBD store
  • How to advertise your CBD store 
  • How to create your own successful CBD brand without manufacturing, keeping an inventory, processing payments, or filling orders.
  • How to manufacture your own CBD products.

How Large is the hemp CBD market Going to Get?

First, let’s put this all in perspective. How big is the CBD market, exactly? And how big of a slice of the pie do you need to own to become a CBD millionaire?

As we mentioned, hemp CBD is the fastest growing business opportunity in the US. That means it’s going to produce thousands and thousands of CBD millionaires. And you can be one of them without too much trouble!

Don’t believe us? Just look at these headlines:

And this phenomenal growth of the CBD industry is not going to slow down any time soon.

If you’re smart and you get with the program now, you can be a CBD millionaire before the growth of the CBD market even begins to slow down. 

Check out this chart that shows the phenomenal growth taking place in the CBD industry.

Projected CBD Sales Chart

What does it mean to be a millionaire?

Before we continue, let’s define exactly what we mean by becoming a millionaire.

Being a millionaire simply means that you have more than $1,000,000 in assets. More importantly, being a millionaire means that you’ll likely never have to worry about financial security ever again (if you’re smart and don’t blow it). 

Let’s say you build a company that you can sell for $1 million. If you can make 6 percent per year on that money by investing it wisely that’s $60,000 a year in interest or capital gains. (There are actually offshore savings accounts that pay more interest than that!)

According to Inc. Magazine, a study out of Purdue University showed that when it comes to living a happy life, the sweet spot in annual income falls in the range of $60,000 to $75,000 a year.

With that very reasonable level of annual income, you should be able to pay all your bills, live in comfort, enjoy your life today, travel to your heart’s content, and save for a pleasant retirement — off of the interest alone. And, frankly, you can probably do even better than that.

How much CBD do you have to sell to become a CBD millionaire?

So what does it take to put a million dollars in the bank? Exactly how big of a company do you have to build in order to be worth a million dollars?

Most people don’t know this, but being a CBD millionaire doesn’t mean that you made a million dollars in profit from CBD sales. Or even that you sold a million dollars worth of CBD products. You could be a CBD millionaire long before you reach either of those goals!

Highly profitable retail operations in a fast-growing industry are typically worth about five times their annual revenue (give or take). So, bottom line, if you can create a popular CBD brand and sell just $200,000 a year worth of CBD products then your company could be worth over $1 million dollars.

Keep in mind that $200,000 is a mere 0.01 percent — or one ten-thousandth — of the projected 2022 market.

What kind of sales volume is required to sell $200,000 a year in CBD products?

So how many sales per day do you have to make to sell $200,000 worth of CBD products in a year and build a million-dollar company? 

For instance, a 1,000-milligram bottle of CBD oil can sell for around $100. 

That means that if you sell just over six 1,000 mg bottles of CBD per day at that price you’ll bring in about $200,000 per year in revenue from CBD sales.

6 bottles per day X $100 = $600/day
$600/day X 365 days/yr = $219,000/year

So if you worked, say, six hours per day, and you could sell 1 bottle each hour, you could have a company worth a million dollars. If you sell twice that amount, or just 12 sales per day, your company could be worth $2mm, and so on.

On a side note, CBD prices are expected to fall over the next few years as more and more companies start producing CBD. However, as the price of CBD products falls, the more affordable CBD becomes and hence the more people can afford to buy CBD.

“But is it legal to sell CBD products in my state?”

Some of you might be asking, “is it legal to sell CBD products in my state?”

Although CBD is now legal nationwide, since the federal government put regulatory duties in the hands of the states, what we have now is a patchwork of state hemp and CBD laws

Some states have banned vape products. Others have banned CBD flower (hemp buds). And some states prohibit the sale of food and beverages that contain CBD. And in a few states, such as Nebraska, it’s still illegal to sell CBD products at all. 

Does that mean you can’t become a CBD millionaire if you live in Nebraska? Heck no! There are ways to sell CBD products that don’t involve selling them in your state. 

One popular method of selling CBD products without actually keeping an inventory is to take the orders and have the manufacturer ship the products directly to your customers. You never even touch the products. 

Another way to get started selling CBD from anywhere is by sending customers to CBD companies that pay a commission on sales. Using this method you don’t even need to process payments. You simply send people to the host website where they purchase the products. They process the payments, ship the orders, and send you a commission on sales. There’s no inventory, no warehouse, no payment processing, no shipping, no customer service. 

You can do this all by yourself from the deck of a boat in your pajamas if you choose.

More to come! Stay tuned!

In the book, “Who wants to be a CBD millionaire,” we’ll teach you step by step how to start a CBD company with no upfront costs, no inventory, no storefront, and no website. 

And for readers with a bit of money to invest, we’ll also dive deeper into how to create your own CBD brand, how to start your own CBD store and ecommerce website, how to advertise your products, and how to build brand awareness among CBD consumers so that your brand name alone can be worth millions. 

If you follow along, you may be well on your way to becoming the next CBD millionaire!

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