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Green Onion

Green Onion CBD Strain Overview Renton’s Green onion is an Indica Dominant CBD strain from Lounge Lizard Seeds. It is a CBD strain that was named in honor of the late Alex Renton of New Zealand. His bravery and staunch stand played a big role in opening the door for medical marijuana. Renton’s Green Onion …

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Cherry mom hemp cbd flower


Pineberry Hemp CBD Strain Overview Pineberry is a pure indica strain that is adored for its super relaxing properties. The fact that it is a low THC hemp strain makes it even more appealing for obvious reasons; no risk of getting high on this strain. It is thought to be a member of the purple …

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T1 Trump

T1 Trump Hemp CBD Strain Overview Named after a head of state, this hemp strain is truly the boss. It is without doubt one of the most flavorful strains ever made with a smooth blend of berries, cheese and an earthy aftertaste of maple and sandalwood which will give you an absolutely delightful smoking experience. …

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West Slope Pepper

West Slope Pepper Hemp CBD Strain Overview West Slope Pepper CBD hemp strain is a hybrid cross of BaOX X 5.  It has an impressive cannabinoid content profile that includes CBGA, CBCA, CBDVA, THCA.  It contains an impressive 17.4% CBD.  Because it has high resin content, it is extremely ideal for CBD extraction. This variety has …

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Sweet Premium CBD Flower

Sweet Premium

Sweet Premium Hemp CBD Strain Overview Sweet premium is a hemp strain that has a high CBD content of between 14%-20%. Its origins are of yet not determined but given its flavor, it definitely had a sweet parent or two. This strain is a real mystery. It has no seeds, no stems. Just grade-A flowers …

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CB Diesel

CB Diesel Hemp CBD Strain Overview CB Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that stands out for its uniquely high CBD content. This strain represents high CBD as well as diesel traits. The parents are the Sativa Turbo diesel and Harlequin strain; both are popular strains in the cannabis world. The breeders are MTG seeds. …

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Moon Rock

Moon Rock Hemp CBD Strain Overview Moon rocks are the new sensation about town, though they cannot exactly be described as a strain. They are more of an experiment. Characteristically, they are high cannabinoid nuggets immersed in THC free concentrate and then liberally sprinkled with kief. Users of moon rock have described it as the very lap of …

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Bubba Lime

Bubba Lime Hemp CBD Strain Overview Bubba Lime is a Hemp strain is a hybrid blend between Frosted Lime and Bubba Kush. It is a mostly CBD strain with 12.16% CBD to its 0.295% THC content. It also contains over 14% total cannabinoids. Because of its very low amounts of THC, it does not have …

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White CBG

White CBG Hemp CBD Strain Overview White CBG is a hybrid strain which has an 18.5 % CBG and 0.3% THC content. “White CBG”, or simply “The White” as it is often referred to is a premium hybrid industrial hemp flower strain that has been carefully bred to contain high levels of GBG in order …

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Queen Dream

Queen Dream

Queen Dream Hemp CBD Strain Overview Queen Dream is a feminized hemp strain that contains about 7% CBD and 0.2% THC. It is as a result of crossing the legendary R5 and a select phenotype of the wife. Queen Dream has large flowers whose scent is of floral notes, hops, sweet bread and haze. It …

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