Green Roads CBD Sleep Capsules – 750mg


Taking the Green Roads CBD Sleep Capsules is the perfect addition to your evening routine. Take these about an hour or so before you plan on going to bed.  These capsules combine 25mg of CBD isolate with 5mg of melatonin to support relaxation and overall wellness.  The added melatonin provides extra support for a better night’s rest.

Vendor: The Green Dragon CBD

Categories: Capsules

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Green Roads CBD Sleep Capsules are specially formulated with that great CBD isolate plus the sleep rhythm helper, melatonin.  Easy-to-take capsules contain 25mg each of CBD plus 5mg of melatonin, so you can dose accordingly,  Most people start out with one capsule approximately one hour before bed.  Because capsules need to go through your first-pass digestive process, it may take an hour or more to fully enter your bloodstream, but it will remain effective many hours into your sleep.

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