Enhanced Zen Blend capsules (60 count)


Best Over The Counter Anxiety Relief – Enhanced!


The Doctor’s is now bringing you our Enhanced formulations. These capsules are specially formulated to work better and last longer, giving you greater relief and fortitude. For our Zen Blend, this means you can achieve greater peace of mind, more focus, and greater mental aptitude and fortitude throughout the day. We only use sustainably sourced, responsibly extracted, pure CBD in combination with other purified terpenes and well established herbs like chamomile. We test all of our products with certified 3rd party laboratories to ensure the highest quality and compliance. Taken once per day by mouth, The Doctor’s Zen Blend will:

  • Help relieve stress, general anxiety, and depression-like symptoms
  • Increase your mental fortitude
  • Start working within 10 minutes
  • Leave no aftertaste
  • Have no side effects

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Vendor: The Doctors CBD Relief

Categories: Capsules

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Benefits of CBD

CBD is well documented to reduce various forms of pain, inflammation, and can even reduce daily anxiety, and our Selected Spectrum technology brings this to the next level. Daily use can help you to manage and overcome your symptoms, letting you live your fullest life.


In 2018 the Farm Bill removed Hemp from Schedule 1 regulations. This means that everyday citizens can legally use CBD.

Third Party Testing/Quality Assurance

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