Super Tincture – 3,000mg CBD


Our USDA-certified organic Full Spectrum CBD massage oil 3,000 mg is a refined and high-potency CBD oil that contains 100 mg of high-quality cannabinoids per dose to give you a quick relaxation boost and a sense of physical and mental comfort and peace.

  • Quick Pain Relief
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Gentle and relaxing sleep

Vendor: NatBeing CBD

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We Know What You Are Going Through

You feel restless and stressed. Your blood pressure is through the roof and you feel mentally tired from all the overthinking. Your anxiety is causing you to feel even more stressed. Or maybe you feel pain in your body, muscle soreness, and aches.

What we guarantee:

  • The highest dosage of CBD per drop in the world to ensure quick and long-lasting peace and relaxation
  • The best solution on the market to quickly reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Best-tasting CBD massage oil offers quick results with long-lasting effects
  • Highly concentrated CBD oil for a non-addictive solution for lack of sleep and for muscle and bone pain.

How It Works

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive ingredient that interacts with the human body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Apart from interacting with the ECS, CBD also interacts with other receptors in the body, such as serotonin receptors (5-HT1A), vanilloid receptors (TRPV1), and orphan G-protein-coupled receptors (GPR55). The results are deep relaxation, calming mood, great sleep, and much more.


Our best-selling CBD massage oil is a quick and easy way to achieve deep relaxation and calmness. You will feel a wave of peace and serenity within just a few minutes of taking it.


Our premium and highest-quality Massage oil offer an instant solution to control stress and reduce anxiety. Our highly concentrated CBD oil has anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. It can help you to manage symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety.


Our non-addictive CBD oil promotes better, quick, and long-lasting sleep by reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and inducing relaxation. The High-quality cannabinoids in our CBD oil help with insomnia and improve the overall quality of sleep.


  • Our CBD massage Oil is manufactured  in the USA, in the highest cGMP certified facility & cGMP is a standard set by the FDA to guarantee the quality of production of current good manufacturing practices in the USA.
  • Our CBD Massage Oil lab is tested by third-party laboratories.
  • Our CBD massage Tincture is certified organic.

Additional benefits:

Our highly concentrated CBD Massage Oil has many more benefits like

  • Enhancing sexual performance
  • Stopping nonstop overthinking
  • Non-addictive pain relief
  • Easy to consume, easy to carryEasy to consume, easy to carry
  • Helping with sleep-wake pattern
  • Best CBD oil for Anxiety Relief

Pain relief:

Our specifically developed CBD Massage oil interacts with the ECS, which plays a role in regulating pain perception. By influencing the activity of cannabinoid receptors (such as CB1 and CB2 receptors), our highly potent Cannabidiol oil help modulate pain signals and reduce sensitivity to pain.

Blood Pressure Control:

Our best-selling CBD Oil has vasodilatory effects, meaning it helps relax and widen blood vessels. By doing this, our highly potent Cannabidiol Oil improves blood flow and reduces resistance, which are factors that contribute to high blood pressure.

Highest Quality Pure CBD oil:

We have developed the best-tasting and the highest quality refined Cannabidiol oil available anywhere on the market. Our Cannabidiol oil is natural, highly effective, and super high quality. Unlike most companies, we do not use the word “CBD” as a marketing tool but as a pure and beneficial method that has the power of changing lives with its full range of benefits.

Our Best CBD Oil for Anxiety is highly concentrated with the highest quality Cannabinoids available in the USA and offers deep sleep, quick relaxation, pain relief, physical comfort, mental clarity, sexual performance, and many more.

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