CBD Gummies For Sleep, Anxiety & Pain Relief 525mg – 21 Gummies


Our Best CBD Gummies contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, providing anxiety and stress relief, enhanced sleep, improved mood, reduced inflammation, and pain relief.


  • Quick Pain Relief
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Anti-inflammatory Support

Vendor: NatBeing CBD

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It’s a chill pill but in tasty gummy form

Are you suffering from anxiety or stress? Do you feel depleted of mental energy and clarity? Do you feel tension when you are in a social environment and around people? Are you overthinking all the time, and your brain gets tired? Do you feel down and depressed?

What we guarantee:

  • Relaxation and calmness instead of stress and anxiety
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • A feeling of peace and serenity whenever you want
  • A sense of happiness and an uplifting mood
  • Easy to consume anywhere, anytime, and to carry in small packages.

How It Works

CBD has been shown to alleviate anxiety, help feel less stress and reduce tension. Our 500mg CBD gummies are enriched with a high quantity of CBD, 25mg of CBD per gummy, to really help you get the full benefit of CBD. Let’s take a look at how CBD can help you.


When we experience stress and anxiety, our bodies release cortisol which is a stress hormone. A high quantity of CBD can modulate cortisol levels, reducing the physiological response to stress. By interacting with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) and influencing the release of neurotransmitters, our high dosage of CBD gummies helps promote quick relaxation and reduce the experience of stress on the body.


Anxiety is caused by excessive worry, uncontrolled overthinking, and fear. CBD has shown promise in reducing these anxiety-causing effects. A high concentration of CBD can interact with the CB1 receptors found in the brain, which has a significant role in regulating mood and emotions. Our CBD gummies, due to their high quantity of CBD, can increase serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of well-being. By doing this, our CBD Gummies can promote a sense of calmness and a feeling of relaxation, which reduces overthinking and worries and decreases overall anxiety levels.


High blood pressure can sometimes be caused by increased stress and anxiety levels. A high quantity of high-quality CBD work as a vasodilator, meaning it can help relax and widen blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. This is why our CBD gummies are packed with 25mg of CBD per gummies to really help reduce high blood pressure.


Our CBD Gummies is manufactured  in the USA, in highest cGMP certified facility & cGMP is a standard set by the FDA to guarantee the quality of production of current good manufacturing practice in the USA.
Our CBD Gummies lab tested by third-party laboratories.

Our CBD Gummies is certified organic.

Additional benefits:

Our CBD gummies have other benefits that greatly help you live a better life.

  • Better mood and a general feeling of peace
  • Reduced hypertension
  • Less overthinking
  • Mental clarity
  • Anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Chronic inflammation can contribute to the development and progression of hypertension. Our CBD gummies possess anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation in the body and potentially contribute to better blood pressure control. CBD in high concentrations can inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, such as cytokines, in immune cells. By reducing the release of these inflammatory mediators, our CBD gummies help decrease inflammation and related symptoms.

Oxidative stress reduction:

Inflammation and oxidative stress often go hand in hand. Our CBD gummies have been shown to have antioxidant properties, meaning our CBD gummies can help reduce oxidative stress caused by an imbalance between antioxidants and harmful free radicals. By reducing oxidative stress, our CBD gummies may help alleviate inflammation.

Hypertension Reduction:

Stress and anxiety can elevate blood pressure levels. CBD has been reported to have calming and anxiolytic effects, which may help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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