CBD Cream With Menthol 2 sachet – 50mg/ml


Our Certified Organic CBD Cream with Menthol, Lidocaine, Arnica helps to relieve muscle pain with soothing & long-lasting. It has high potency & comes with a natural formula. Our sachet contains 150 milligrams of purified CBD isolate in each 3ml Pouch.

Vendor: NatBeing CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has a variety of potential health products, such as Oil, Gummies, and Cream, they have a lot of benefits and effects, with more research ongoing.

If you need relief from aches and pains using CBD, you’ll find various options. CBD products like gummies, pills, and oils can help reduce discomfort. But, if you’re specifically dealing with muscle or joint pain, a CBD cream applied topically could be particularly effective.

Our cooling CBD cream with menthol is made with arnica extract and organic menthol, which is isolated CBD and helps relieve pain.
Keep in mind that Isolate CBD contains 0% amount of THC. This cream can be helpful due to the entourage effect of CBD, Menthol, Arnica, and Lidocaine.

What we guarantee To Customers:

  • Get Relief from pain
  • Quick-acting & Muscle Relaxing
  • Provide instant relief from muscle and joint pain.
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