Organic Orange Paradise CBD Oil Tincture 450mg


Our USDA Certified Organic Orange Paradise CBD Oil Tincture 450mg (15mg/serving) gives you results quickly and easily allowing you to enjoy the best part of your day. Each drop is formulated using only three high quality ingredients: organic MCT oil, organic orange essential oil and organic broad spectrum hemp extract. Simple and THC-free take day or night for your ideal serving of CBD.

All tincture bottles are 1oz (30ml). Eventide tinctures do not contain alcohol.

You can view our recent lab test results here.

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Our USDA Certified Organic Orange Paradise CBD Oil Tincture 450mg (15mg/serving) contains 1 fl oz (30ml) and has 30 servings per bottle. Eventide tincture products are fast-acting and easy to take. Tinctures are a simple introduction to the world of CBD — you simply select your favorite flavor and take by mouth or add it to your favorite drink for a THC-free CBD experience.

As with all of our high-quality products, we extract any trace amounts of THC from our USDA Certified Organic Tinctures before we sell them to you. This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without worrying about feeling a THC-induced high as a side effect. Our third-party lab tests ensure that there is no detectable level of THC in our tinctures.

Because we use organic broad spectrum hemp oil, you also get the benefits of the naturally occurring components of the hemp plant working together with the CBD. This is what’s known as the entourage effect. When you take CBD from Eventide, you are truly receiving all of the benefits the hemp plant has to offer.

With 30 servings per bottle, Eventide tinctures are perfect for any CBD user. Our intensive and thorough lab tests and free shipping make Eventide tinctures the perfect choice for your CBD needs. Using Eventide USDA certified organic CBD oil tinctures will make anytime the best part of your day!

Ingredients include Organic MCT Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract and Organic Orange Essential Oil.

All statements made by Eventide have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  For more information, see our Disclaimers.  

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