Lazarus Naturals – CBG + CBD Tincture – 6000mg


Lazarus Naturals CBG:CBD Tincture is full spectrum hemp oil with additional CBG isolate. When taken in combination with full spectrum CBD, CBG offers synergistic qualities that allow these cannabinoids to arguably work better together than when they are alone, creating what is known as the entourage effect.  The 1500mg strength bottle is 60ml of liquid.  1500mg of CBD and 1500mg of CBG in every bottle means you get 25mg of each in every 1mL dropper.  Looking for maximum impact for your health? This may be just the right combination for you!

Vendor: The Green Dragon

Categories: Tincture

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Lazarus Naturals CBG + CBD Tincture is the potent combination of two major cannabinoids.  Not only is the product full spectrum, meaning it has all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis, but it is boosted with additional CBG extract.  This allows it to have an enhanced entourage effect, which means the health impacts can be even greater than CBD alone.

Lazarus Naturals grows the hemp on their own hemp farm.  They then harvest, extract, and formulate all of their CBD products in-house.  The CBD-rich and CBG extracts are taken from the hemp plant and then diluted with hemp seed oil.  This ensures consistency and well as maintaining product potency.  Lab results are available on the lab results tab.

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