Lazarus Naturals – CBD Isolate – 3000mg – Wintermint

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Lazarus Naturals Blood Orange tincture is  CBD isolate (THC-free) with 3000mg of CBD in a 60ml bottle.  The blood orange has that succulent citrus flavor to enjoy with the impact of pure CBD.  You will love the taste and the effects!

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Lazarus Naturals CBD Isolate Tincture, in this Wintermint flavor, comes in a 3000mg strength, 60ml bottle.  Similar to the other Lazarus high-potency tinctures, this offers a great value for a quality product.  The CBD isolate means it is THC-free.  Even that last 0.3% that can be found in the full-spectrum product has been removed and only the CBD cannabinoid isolated.  The pure form can be extremely effective for pain, anxiety, sleep and more.

If you prefer a full-spectrum product, the Lazarus 6000mg high-potency tinctures come in Classic flavor or one of three enticing varieties of Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla Mocha, or Yuzu (Japanese citrus).

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