Savage CBD Flower Richie Rich – 7g


Richie Rich CBD Flower is a favorite indica strain of many hemp flower smokers.  30% sativa and 70% indica with 17% CBD content.  The right amount of CBD and indica to have your body totally relaxed and feeling well.  This is hemp flower with less than 0.3% D9-THC and federally legal.

Vendor: The Green Dragon CBD

Categories: Flower

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Savage CBD took a hard look at the CBD industry and saw where a lot of companies were falling short. It seems like everyone has  CBD Flower on the market but it was important to Savage CBD to know exactly where our CBD flower is being grown. That’s why they teamed up with a very close personal friend who grows our CBD flower specifically for Savage CBD.  They have CBD pre-rolls, eighths and quarters for you to enjoy CBD at its most natural state.

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