Green Roads CBD Chocolate


CBD chocolate has never been better.  If you love dark chocolate and want to get the calming effects of CBD, this is for you.  Break off a small piece of chocolate from the pre-scored sections and let your troubles melt away.  180mg of CBD is in the entire bar, with 15mg per piece.  12 pieces per bar.  Zero THC.

Vendor: The Green Dragon CBD

Categories: Edibles

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CBD chocolate bars can be made by anyone, but this dark chocolate is made in small batches by an artisanal chocolatier.  Green Roads has combined their award winning CBD with great-tasting dark chocolate.  The bar is scored into 12 separate pieces, each containing 15mg of CBD, without any THC.  Be careful as with any chocolate and do not leave in high temperatures.  It’s dark chocolate, so it isn’t too sweet, but it is definitely tasty.  Smile with delight as you enjoy this treat!

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