Senior Citizen Strongman Finds Power in Cannabis (And He’s Not the Only One!)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Older adults are using cannabis as a preventative measure. Case in point,  Mark Burnett (62), strongman from Akron, Ohio, prefers to use CBD for an extra kick to go with his morning vitamins.

CBD is subtle in its effects, but Mr. Burnett notices it on days that he has forgotten to take it. “If I’m on a call with my coach and I run up on something unexpected, he says, ‘did you forget to take your CBD today?’” he chuckled. “It helps me express my strength more efficiently.”

As cannabis becomes legal, stigma drops, freeing Baby Boomers to seek out relief they have known since the 60s. Reports indicate that use is up, but that may be because judgement is down.

Baby Boomers are one of the fastest-growing markets for legal recreational and medical marijuana. This generation ushered in a new era of drug experimentation. Many never gave up marijuana; and others are revisiting it with a new, more open attitude.

“They grew up in an era where MJ [marijuana]was a popular recreational drug, so they have some familiarity and are interested in its medicinal qualities,” said Doctor Julianne Moy, D.O., of Ohio Green Team. “Many are

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