Penguin CBD Review: Why It’s Our Top Choice

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You may look at Penguin CBD and ask yourself, “Why would a CBD company build an entire brand to revolve around an Arctic flightless bird?” The answer is simple: Penguins are super chill. Which is how Penguin CBD wants you to feel when you use their products.

This is one of the few CBD companies on the internet with a cheerful energy—which is welcome in an industry based on cannabis/hemp products. Penguin CBD makes you feel at ease from the moment you visit the home page, and its lack of pretense is a welcome sight for anyone who has visited more than a couple of CBD company websites.

Penguin CBD is a newcomer to the market, but you wouldn’t know it based on the quality of its products, or the transparency and organization of its website. Founded in 2019, Penguin has had just over a year to get its act together in an industry riddled with confusing regulations and a challenging product stigma to overcome. In

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