Medterra Review: Do They Live Up to Their Reputation?

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More often than not, shopping online for CBD products can feel like sorting through a big pile of fluff. Websites are full of buzzwords that seem to have little meaning, and companies make claims and promises that have no support. After spending hours trying to make sense of a cacophony of CBD noise, shoppers may be tempted to just close their eyes and pick something without looking.

This is an unfortunate consequence of the market being flooded with disreputable companies taking advantage of the newness of the industry. Their websites may look pretty and have lots of reassuring words, but there is little substance to their claims. When a company notes its level of transparency and traceability on every page, but it never produces any third-party lab results—or even the location of its hemp source—warning bells should go off. Any CBD company can use the jargon. Only the best can back it up and help their customers understand it.

Medterra doesn’t waste any time before it

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