Martha Stewart Joins the Growing List of Celebrity Cannabis Lines

Perhaps the most exciting announcement in the world of celebrity cannabis companies came last week with the announcement of Martha Stewart’s new line of hemp-derived CBD products, which include tinctures, soft gels, and “pâte des fruit.” The products are manufactured and sold through Canadian company Canopy Growth Corporation, which also produces Snoop Dogg’s cannabis brand Leafs by Snoop. The reaction to the announcement on Twitter and other social media was overwhelmingly positive. And while it’s easy to think that the cannabis market is already saturated with celebrity cannabis brands, it’s seems clear that there was still plenty of room for Martha Stewart.

I’ve worked on many celebrity licensing and endorsement deals, and my firm’s cannabis intellectual property lawyers have received countless inquiries from companies looking to partner with one celebrity or another. And while the best of the deals can be very lucrative (and interesting) for everyone involved, plenty of them fizzle out for one reason or another. Often, the excitement over the prospect of partnering with a celebrity can blind businesses to the bigger intellectual property and trademark issues they should consider before negotiating one of these deals.

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