Lazarus Naturals Review: Is Their CBD Any Good?

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Lazarus Naturals may be named after the founder of the company, Sequoia Price-Lazarus, but the name “Lazarus” also brings to mind the biblical character who was resurrected from the dead after four days in his tomb.

When a CBD company goes with a name like Lazarus Naturals, it sets itself up for either greatness or disappointment. While CBD may not actually raise anyone from the dead, the right formulas have the capability of making you feel like you have been reanimated and revived. Get ready for relief on a biblical scale, because Lazarus Naturals delivers on its implied promise with some of the best CBD in the industry.

The base of the company’s product line features items made with full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates that are potent and powerful. The full-spectrum formula is robust, with adequate concentrations of minor cannabinoids, and the CBD isolate is pure, clean and accurately labeled. Lazarus Naturals has recently added a 1:1 CBD:CBG formula that captures the benefits of hemp in

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