K-9s Are Sniffing Out Vape Devices With THC In Ohio Schools

Vapes, especially portable handheld vapes, have exploded in popularity over recent years. And that includes among teens.

As a result, high schools in different parts of the country are starting to take measures to crack down on vaping on school grounds. The most recent example of this comes out of Ohio.

There, a number of schools have started installing and using vape detectors to figure out when students are vaping. Additionally, some schools have taken more extreme measures, bringing in K-9 units to sniff out vapes.

Mayfield City Schools Deploy K-9 Units

According to reports from local news source wkyc studios 3News, Mayfield City Schools have decided to bring drug-sniffing dogs into school hallways. Specifically, the schools are now bringing in dogs trained to detect ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, meth, and marijuana.

As school officials frame it, the move is designed to target and crack down on vaping at school. They said that the K-9 units are brought into city schools twice per month. While there, the dogs conduct a drug sweep throughout the entire school.

The sweeps are not announced beforehand. Cops in the area said the dogs have so far turned up five vape devices. This new program targets

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