Indiana Set the Standard for Hemp CBD Labeling, But Misses the Mark on Smokable Hemp

Indiana has long been at the forefront of hemp product regulations. Two years ago in 2018, Indiana passed a comprehensive law that regulated “low-THC hemp extracts.” At the time, state-level regulation of CBD was mostly limited to medical marijuana programs in conservative states that only allowed CBD extracts for use by medical patients. Very few states were making the distinction for CBD derived from hemp (Hemp CBD) and fewer still were imposing manufacturing, testing, and labeling requirements.

I was fascinated by Indiana’s law because it was so rare at the time. In June of 2018, I wrote about Indiana’s hemp framework for this blog, noting that the state’s robust labeling requirements were “roughly equivalent to what we see as far as packaging and labeling requirements for cannabis products in Washington, Oregon and California, the states in which our cannabis business attorneys are located.” For instance, one of Indiana’s labeling requirements is “[a] scannable bar code or QR code linked to a document that contains information with respect to the manufacture of the low THC hemp extract, including the:

(A) batch identification number;

(B) product name;

(C) batch date;

(D) expiration date, which must be not more than two years

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