Hong Kong Just Opened its First CBD Cafe

Cannabis containing THC may not yet be legal in Hong Kong, or in most of Asia, but there is already a CBD cafe up and running in the Sheung Wan district. Currently in the soft-opening phase, the cafe will be fully open next month with a complete menu of CBD offerings.

Chic and stylish, Found, the region’s first CBD cafe, sells a full range of CBD-based cannabis products, including vials of CBD oil for personal use, powders to be added to foods such as oil and butters, and other products, including products for pets who need pain relief. They even sell CBD-infused beer and coffee for those who want to stay awhile in the cafe. 

The staff are said to be caring and compassionate, happy to help everyone from the seasoned CBD user looking for a specific product to tourists and folks who have no idea what CBD is or what it can be used for. 

“Most people are seeking help with sleep; we also have parents with children with epilepsy or cerebral palsy here who are using our products,” says Fiachra Mullen, co-owner of Altum International, the cannabinoids supplier in the Asia Pacific area that owns and operates Found.

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