Hemp-CBD: USDA Reopens Commenting for 30 Days on Interim Hemp Rule

Everyone in the hemp industry knows that last fall the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) released its interim hemp rules governing the production of hemp. Our hemp-CBD attorneys have written extensively about the new hemp rules and their shortcomings, as well as the panoply of different hemp regulations at the state level and the DEA’s recent promulgation of an interim rule that may criminalize the processing of hemp:

Next week, on September 17, three of our attorneys (Nathalie Bougenies, Daniel Shortt, and Griffen Thorne) are leading a free Q &A webinar on all aspects on hemp and CBD. Here’s a link for more information on the webinar and how to register.

The timing of the webinar couldn’t be better as the USDA just announced that it is reopening the comment period on the hemp rules for 30 days. The comment period opened yesterday, September 8, and all comments must be received by October 8, 2020. The reopening is notable because the USDA received over 4,600 comments during the initial 90-day period.

As explained in the notice of reopening, the USDA is particularly interested in comments on the following topics:

Measurement of Uncertainty for Sampling Liquid Chromatography Factor, 0.877 Disposal


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