Generation Legal (Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis)

CANNABIS CULTURE – In a town of less than 15,000 people, I now have access to 11 liquor stores, 3 cannabis stores, and tobacco is sold at every corner store.  Living in Alberta, when my children turn 18 they will have unlimited access to all of these. 

Would it make sense to only educate them about some, and not all, of the age-restricted substances they can legally purchase and consume?  This is a question now facing many parents with the fairly recent legalization of cannabis, but it is one that still comes with hesitation.

Secrecy was the running theme from the moment I discovered cannabis until the day it became legalized.  Despite knowing the benefits, both mental and medical, that cannabis could help me with, the taboo of being a marijuana smoker or ingesting THC/CBD in any way prevented talking about it with anyone who was not of like mind.  After the birth of my children, finding mothers who also smoked was a nearly impossible task.  It was socially acceptable and encouraged for moms to go out with “the girls” and down a few bottles of wine, but no one wanted to just chill and smoke one.  It was


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