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Sale Price applied at checkout when you Use Promo Code "CBDBAY15”

Highest Quality Products Direct From Flowerz

The Brand.

The CBD flower market is incredibly new and with significant confusion present throughout the industry.  It’s time for some much needed clarity. Flowerz was developed as a way to connect people to responsibly sourced products and help move the industry forward as a whole. They work only with organic hemp farms and sustainable growers to provide the best possible products while setting the standard of quality that all CBD flower should adhere to.

The Mission.

The goal is to provide the best high quality CBD Flower on the market and make an impact that is greater than just selling products. Proper education, advocacy, and community involvement are the three core principles that lead Flowerz operational approach in an effort to help drive the industry forward on all fronts.

The Work.

Flowerz works with subject matter experts at every step of the supply chain, allowing for the development of synergistic relationships and positive, collaborative outcomes. Significant effort is put into the relationships with their growers while staying involved in lobbying efforts, developmental guidance, legislation, and market education for CBD growers.

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