FDA Notifies Public About Voluntary Recall for Hemp CBD

On May 20, 2020, Marijuana Moment reported on a new development on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) position on hemp-derived cannabidiol (Hemp CBD). The article centers on the following tweet from the FDA:

Summitt Labs Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of KORE ORGANIC Watermelon CBD Oil Due to High Lead Results https://t.co/y2oklEZzx4 pic.twitter.com/1SlB9mnhLI

— U.S. FDA Recalls (@FDArecalls) May 15, 2020

The FDA is essentially warning the public about a voluntary recall by Summit Labs’ CBD oil due to test results showing that the product is high in lead.

The FDA regularly posts voluntary updates as a public service. After all, the FDA’s purpose is to protect the public from unsafe goods. What is interesting about this May 15th notification is that it relates to CBD. The FDA’s position is that CBD cannot be sold as a food or dietary supplement so it is rare to see the FDA take any action relating to a CBD company outside of a warning letter or updating its FAQs on CBD.

Here the FDA is essentially helping Summit Labs with its voluntary recall, as indicated from the following passage from the FDA’s notice of recall (linked in the tweet above):

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