Eight Major Myths About CBD Products (and the Truths Behind Them)

CBD products are the phenomenon of the therapeutic product space at the moment. You can barely open a health and wellbeing publication these days without there being at least some mention of CBD oil, CBD extracts and CBD products in general.

Not to mention, wildly conflicting information about what CBD is, what it does and why you should be taking it seriously.

From anecdotal chatter to scientific studies to simple common sense, there’s a whole world of information and misinformation doing the rounds. Making sense of it all can be difficult, though is made at least a little easier by swapping speculation for facts.

While it’s true to say there’s still a great deal we don’t know about CBD, we at least know enough to put a long list of myths and untruths permanently to bed.  With this in mind, we’ll now be taking a closer look at eight major myths about CBD products, along with the respective truths behind them:

Myth #1: All CBD oils are the same

Right off the bat, to assume that all CBD oils (and products by extension) are the same is to miss the mark entirely. As with most mainstream products, quality standards


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