Don’t Miss The Best VIP Celebrity Party at MjBizCon!

If you’re attending the massive MjBizCon cannabis conference in Las Vegas, an epic, culinary culmination awaits at a private mansion filled with celebrities, cannabis business VIPs, investors, and best of all, Chef Matt. There’s simply no better way to close out your conference experience. The best VIP celebrity party at MJBizCon is happening at the “Marijuana Mansion” which is normally the Las Vegas home of Kevin Bell, the COO of Tyson Ranch, Mike Tyson’s cannabis company. Kevin and Matt are expecting more than a hundred guests at the Marijuana Mansion and it’s the only MJBizCon event at a cannabis-friendly venue in Las Vegas. You read that right; consumption is allowed in the mansion so there’s no need to shiver outside in the chilly ‘Vegas evening. 

“I’m so pleased to do my Chef Matt events and let people know what it is that I do and what I have to offer the cannabis and the CBD community. I want people to know that I’m more than just the food guy or the chef so they can learn about my knowledge and passion for people and how cannabis plays a role in their health and wellness.” ⎼ Chef Matt


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