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CBD concentrate, as the name suggests, is a concentrated form of CBD-rich hemp extract. To produce CBD concentrate, hemp flowers go through a series of extraction, filtration, and distillation processes to remove plant matter and unwanted compounds such as chlorophyll.

CBD concentrates — generally used for dabbing (smoking) using a dab pipe and vaping using a wax vape pen — have extremely high potency and high bioavailability. CBD concentrate can contain as much as 80 percent CBD or more. For this reason, care should be used to avoid over-consumption and overspending on CBD. 

CBD concentrates are generally made using a distillation process which removes unwanted compounds from CBD or completely purifies the CBD. CBD concentrates are ideal because of their sudden onset as they take effect almost immediately. These contains most of the same cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original plant. CBD concentrate can take the form of a wax or a solid and can be smoked or vaporized, or added to oral/edible preparations. 

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