cbdMD Review: How Good Is Their CBD Quality?

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To truly appreciate what cbdMD has accomplished since it was founded in 2015, we need to understand how the CBD landscape has changed since the company’s early days. Though cannabidiol (CBD) is now one of the most popular items in wellness, companies had plenty of tough obstacles to overcome when it was first introduced.

When cbdMD first put its products on the market, the US Drug Enforcement Agency still considered CBD a Schedule One controlled substance. Even legislators in states where marijuana had become legal turned a wary eye to hemp-derived CBD. As a result, finding processors, transporters, and even banks that were willing to participate in the industry seemed impossible.

In addition to the legal barriers CBD companies faced, the products themselves were heavily misunderstood and stigmatized. Many consumers thought CBD was just another way to get high, and they dismissed the possibility of any actual benefits from using it. The Food and Drug Administration prohibits companies from making physical or mental health claims about

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