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Use the CBDbay Promo Code "CBDBAY40" for 40% Off

About CBD Intact

Motivated by the physical & mental health crisis in our country today, a physician & a pharmacist decided to do something about it offering a quality CBD hemp extract for People & Pets at a price the average person could afford. We offer free CBD to animal rescue shelters both locally in Pennsylvania as well as in Florida. After seeing how his older “foster till death” Yorkie named Buddy started running faster & limping less after taking CBD, Dr. Mark decided that our animal friends benefit from CBD as much as people do. Now, it’s time to help them too!

The family based team at CBD intact are committed to helping customers realize your health and wellness goals. Through an integrated approach and their exclusive CBD product line, CBD intact offers the highest quality, affordable CBD products to aid you on your quest to obtain and maintain a robust, productive lifestyle.

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