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moon rock

Moon rocks are the new sensation about town, though they cannot exactly be described as a strain. They are more of an experiment. Characteristically, they are high cannabinoid nuggets immersed in THC free concentrate and then liberally sprinkled with kief.

Users of moon rock have described it as the very lap of premium luxury.

The appearance is like small pebbles that are likely to be found on the moon.

Moon Rocks from Plain Jane have a really high CBD content approximated at about 45 %. These give them particularly potent effects that can be put to some good therapeutic use. When making a moon rock batch, one does not have to use a particular strain of hemp, any with a high CBD content will do.

The process of making moon rocks is quite simple, although some of the ingredients may be a little hard to come by for the normal domestic user. First, you’ll start with your bud or flower, and then you will deep it in the oil extract which will give it a shiny, honey-ish look. Finally, you will dust it generously with kief, also called dry sift or pollen, which is basically the sticky crystals from the flower. Kief is concentrated with cannabinoids and terpenes. Both the oil and the kief add to the concentration of THC and thus, a bomb is created.

It is always advisable to use glassware like a bong or pipe to smoke Moon Rock as it is extremely dense and greasy and keeping it lit is quite a challenge. However, generally, it is consumed like any other nug, simply by breaking it into pieces into a bowl, pipe, joint or vape.

The experience of Smoking Moon Rocks is likely to be like none you have experienced before. The smoke is delicious with huge clouds and the puffs are powerful, almost overwhelming. Given that these moorocks are THC free, even novice users will enjoy them without toppling over.

The effects are felt immediately though they hold on and do not dissipate. You will immediately get an intense head high that progressively spreads to the rest of your body in delicious waves.

The high from moon rock is intense and long lasting. If you are a new user, it would be advisable to go very slow as taking excessive amounts is likely to overwhelm your system. Because of its superior calming effects, it is suitable for winding down a hectic day. It is the kind of strain to cause deep slumber.

Another plus for moon rock is that it is very cost effective as a small amount will literally knock your socks off.

Strain Type

The potency of each batch of Moon Rock will vary depending on how it’s made; generally, they have around 45% CBD content (the flower by itself would probably be appx 20% CBD).


It is not clear who made the first moon rock, however there are claims that they were first concocted by the dispensary Starbudz760. Their popularity was catapulted by famous West Coast rapper Kurupt, who popularized the product and even trademarked his own version, the Kurupt Moonrock.

Terpene Profile

Depending on the strain used to make the moon rock, the terpenes will vary.

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