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This hemp variety of OG Kush is a 90’s classic indica that delivers strong cerebral properties leaving users feeling uplifted without being intoxicated. The fast acting cerebral buzz is one of the best things about this strain that makes it a great strain for morning inspiration.

This strain represents a packed cannabinoid profile that goes hand in hand with mouthwatering flavors. This condenses to the most blissful sense of tranquility that transcends any negative energy in the environment.

With uncertain genetics, this self-made strain has strong traits that make it ideal for cross-breeding. It is no wonder that Hemp Kush has given birth to many hemp strains.

Hemp Kush has typical indica features such as oversized buds that clutch to monster spade shaped leaves. Unruly orange pistils pop up from every green surface as they compete for the spotlight with silvery white resin glands that pop up when the plants reach the flowering stage. The buds and leaves create a green background from which the beauty of this strain blossoms. Expect to find thick stalks that support the weight of the weighty nugs.

The aroma of this strain is very kush: a punch of herbal myrcene dominates spicy peppery notes. Citrus aroma can be detected as it recedes to the background. The herbal scent is ideal for unblocking the nose so do not hesitate to sniff into a jar when you need to clear your nostrils. The strong aroma has to do with this strain’s kush genetics.

The taste is anything that you would expect to find in a hemp strain; very earthy and slightly sweet. When you take your first puff your mouth will quickly fill up with dense smoke clouds. The earthiness in this strain is more pronounced when you exhale the smoke. Unless the buds are not properly cured this strain should not trigger a coughing bout. A spicy taste will linger in your mouth long after you are done with Hemp Kush.

Hemp Kush is a fast acting strain whose effects course through the veins as soon as you inhale the first puff. Although it is an indica strain it has a mental buzz that is similar to that of sativas. It starts off in the higher centers creating a feeling of upliftedness and increased energy levels. Artists can make use of this strain when they need inspiration for creative projects.

The effects on the body are mellow and will erase lethargy and feelings of being worn out. As the smoke travels down your torso you will a cleansing that leaves you feeling as light as a feather. The feeling around your spine will be tingling and may cause you to burst into a feat of laughter. Fortunately, it is not a compelling strain and will not force you to lie down. However, if you are up for a nap this strain will just facilitate restful sleep. The culmination of this strain is the most blissful relaxation.

Strain Type

Hemp Kush is an indica leaning hemp strain with about 15% CBD and 0.2% THC.


Hemp Kush is probably a sativa landrace strain but there is no proof for this.

Some sources claim that this strain is a cross between a Northern Californian strain and Hindu Kush. Going by this strain’s characteristics it is clear that there is a link between these strains. This strain presents the best of indica and sativa features.

Terpene Profile

Hemp Kush has a vibrant mix of aromas that betray the presence of certain dominant terpenes. It is not hard to pick out the presence of myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool in this aromatous strain.

  • Pinene is a known bronchodilator which make it good for people suffering from asthma or respiratory congestion.
  • Limonene is a mood elevator and also has muscle relaxant properties.
  • Linalool is a sweet terpene that helps to fight off feelings of depression.
  • Caryophylene is an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Myrcene has sedative benefits.

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