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Green Gas Hemp CBD

Green Gasoline is a rare hemp strain that is not so easy to come across. Also referred to as Green Gas for short, this strain can be identified by its pungent, gasoline-like smell that makes it a fav among seasoned hemp users looking to experience the earthiness of the plant. Well cured nugs will produce a rich and flavorful smoke that is uplifting and inspiring. This is a Sativa dominant hemp hybrid that contains trace amounts of the psychoactive component THC. Do not expect to get intoxicated by taking this strain. However, you should experience a cerebral buzz that stimulates your creative juices which can be attributed to the Sativa properties.

The lineage of Green Gas is the best kept secret of the 21st century; not much is known about the origin of this strain that first surfaced in the market in the 90’s.

Green Gas will produce a high that starts off in the forehead as it moves across every part of the brain creating a wave of energy. Mental clarity and focus will be the primary effect caused by this wave. The effects will then transcend the spine to the entire body moving in gradual waves that cause warmth. Most users have described this strain as relaxing and rejuvenating. It has been a source of relief from anxiety, fatigue, stress, and chronic pain.

Green Gas was created to provide high amounts of CBD that may exceed 10%. To achieve this from a hemp strain, the plants are spaced adequately and allowed to grow for a prolonged duration so that the optimum cannabinoid content can be achieved. However, you should keep in mind that waiting for too long will also increase the level of THC which ideally should not exceed 0.3%. It is a fine balance and regular testing will help to ensure that everything is in check.

Green Gas is among the most coveted strains in terms of physical beauty a real green goddess. It forms compact mossy green flowers that feature amber colored wiry pistils and a sticky layer of silver colored resin glands.

When combusted, Green Gas will emit a pungent diesel like aroma that may sting your nostril and cause you to cough uncontrollably. A woodsy aroma will then take over as the smoke melts in your mouth. On the exhale, the pungent fumes will have dissipated and you will be left with minty flavors in your mouth. With this strain, it is more of greener grass on the other side.

Strain Type

Green Gas is a Sativa leaning hemp cultivar with 70% Sativa and 30% Indica traits. It has 10%- 125 CBD and less than 0.3% THC.


Green Gas is a mysterious strain whose origin is completely unknown. Given the pungency of this strain, it could be related to strains such as Sour Diesel, AK 47, Death Star, Lemon Skunk, or White Russian.

Terpene Profile

Green Gas has dominant earthy terpenes such as humulene and myrcene. From the aroma you can also detect the presence of limonene which is citrusy as well as caryophyllene which is spicy.
  • Myrcene is the terpene that cause the couch-lock effect that makes it impossible for users to leave the couch once they consume it. In this strain, myrcene is responsible for the mildly sedating effects. It also enhances relaxation and relieves inflammation.
  • Humulene is an important terpene that counters the appetite stimulating effects of THC. It is a known appetite suppressant that could support weight loss efforts. It also offers analgesic benefits.
  • Caryophyllene is the only terpene that bids to cannabinoid receptors in the peripheral system. Thanks to this, it has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

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