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El Jefe is an indica hemp strain that both smells and tastes of spices, lemons, and pine. Its buds are large and covered with sticky resin, being a spectrum of deep greens when finally harvest-ready.

El Jefe has a high that is powerful but one that will not knock you out. It is very calming with a relaxing buzz which may cause some symptoms of couch-lock.

Though this is an indica strain, its THC levels of between 22%-25% make it quite a potent strain. Its effects start from the mind, where it has a stress relieving effect that slows down racing thoughts and causes one to relax, and then it calms the nerves and slowly coaxes the body into a buzz that dissolves aches and pains. In women, it has been known to help relieve cramps. It also reduces muscle spasms. El Jefe can also increase appetite, so have snacks ready for the munchies.

This breed is brightly colored with orange hairs and sticky white trichomes that fully envelop the dark shades of green that make up these dense buds. The aromas of this strain are hashy, with earthy undertones and a slight pungency. However, the smells of El Jefe can be deceiving as the flavor palate couldn’t be further from those traits. The taste is a bold blend of spicy lemon and rich pine, sure to engage your senses.

If you enjoy a nice wind-down strain that isn’t going to knock you off your feet, this is a good one to try. One can tell from its genetics that it has a host of medicinal purposes, which isn’t its only advantage. It offers brilliant flavor with a classic hashy, kush scent with spicy notes and an enjoyable lemony aftertaste.

Strain Type

El Jefe is an Indica Dominant Hybrid – with a 70% Indica and  30% Sativa composition.  It also has a THC component of: 22% – 25%


El Jefe is a cross between Rare Darkness #1 and Abusive OG. Its full-bodied, powerful effects paired with its wonderfully classic aromas definitely make it a rich experience.

Though its smell is hashy with earthy undertones, its taste is surprisingly exquisite with a blend of spicy, lemony and pine flavors that make for a very enjoyable smoking experience. It offers excellent mind relief which ensures a good nights’ rest. Individuals new to smoking cannabis can also smoke the strain as long as they are careful. The high is calming and relaxing and primarily offers a body buzz that calms the senses which may cause you to exhibit symptoms of couch-lock. Though its effects are primarily beneficial for individuals suffering from cramps and muscle spasms, it is just as effective at treating other severe medical conditions like anorexia, depression, anxiety and ADHD.

Terpene Profile

El Jefe has a wide terpene profile with high amounts of primary terpenes which include caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. It also has several other terpenes whose effects may not be as pronounced.

Because hemp has over 100 different terpenes, each cultivar of hemp will have several terpenes that are responsible for the aroma present in each. These terpenes are a major component of the entourage effect that is produced when CBD is backed by other compounds to produce a powerful healing effect. The terpenes have different therapeutic advantages as listed below. However, they are more useful when they are working together with CBD and other compounds in a hemp strain such as Spectrum.

  • Caryophyllene is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Limonene is a known mood enhancer.
  • Myrcene is dominant in most hemp strains and it offers sleep enhancing benefits.

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