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Cherry mom hemp cbd flower

Cherry Mom is a super potent hemp strain with high CBD levels that may exceed 24%. This is about 20 times more CBD than you will find in cannabis strains. Consequently, Cherry mom is a favorite hemp strain for people looking to indulge in CBD. Some users have described the taste as a mix of Cherrywine and Chardonnay make a great easy plant to grow.

When it comes to physical appearance, this strain is a beauty to behold. The nugs are dense, popcorn shaped, and bright green in color. At harvest the buds will be covered in a silvery layer of trichomes that create an illusion of snowflakes. You should be prepared to struggle with these buds because they are very sticky.

Cherry Mom is a super relaxing strain with uplifting effects. Some people have described this as a happy strain that will quickly light up the atmosphere.

Cherry Mom is an indica leaning hemp strain with strong bodily effects. It is a cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. The Wife is known for its high CBD content. It is one of the most popular hemp strains. Charlotte Cherries also contains high CBD amounts making Cherry Mom an enviable CBD strain.

This strain has refreshing berry aromas with sweet, peppery and cherry flavors. It takes a short time to flower which makes it a go-to strain for those with no patience. It does well in both an indoor and outdoor setup. Grown indoors you should expect to harvest in 7-8 weeks. In an outdoor setup expect to be harvesting in the first week of October. Unfortunately this is not a high yielding strain.

Strain Type

Cherry Mom is an indica leaning hybrid strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa traits. Given that it is an indica expect to experience strong body effects after consuming this strain.

Cherry Mom has extremely high levels of CBD that surpass the 20% CBD mark. In some cases 24% CBD has been achieved. The THC content on the other hand is very low and rarely gets beyond 0.3%.


Cherry Mom is an indica dominant hybrid cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. Both parents have high amounts of CBD.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes provide hemp strains with the different aromas that they produce.

Cherry Mom is a terpene rich strain. The two main terpenes to look out for in Cherry Mom are Myrcene at 1.32% and Ocimene at .39%. While myrcene has a strong herbal flair, ocimene has a sweet tropical flavor.

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