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Bubba Lime is a Hemp strain is a hybrid blend between Frosted Lime and Bubba Kush. It is a mostly CBD strain with 12.16% CBD to its 0.295% THC content. It also contains over 14% total cannabinoids. Because of its very low amounts of THC, it does not have psychoactive effects though you might get a cerebral buzz to stimulate your mind thanks to its Sativa component.

This strain of hemp has a small flower whose buds are tightly hand trimmed buds and will not disappoint you. Its smoke smells classically like OG Kush with a marked citrusy finish. When inhaled, Bubba Lime evokes flavors of sour berry and fresh tropical lime. Its aroma is just as sweet with an overtone of citrusy berry accented by sweet lemony earth and sour lime.

The Bubba Lime effect will start off in the head as it gives the user mental clarity and focus and a feeling of elation. The effect will then flow down the user’s body in comforting waves. Most users have credited this strain with relaxing and rejuvenating them. Do not be surprised if you get couch locked.

Bubba lime with give you the munchies, so prepare by having some snacks at hand.  Bubba Lime will neither make you brilliant not fog minded. You will be able to communicate effectively but your body will totally relax and you will forget any dark thoughts you might have had. You will feel sleepy , happy, giggly and want to eat even more a very euphoric place to be.

This is a good strain to consume at night because it will knock you out and with all the munchies you have consumed, what can make for better sleep?

Strain Type

Bubba Lime is a hemp hybrid that contains 12.16% CBD and 0.295% THC content.


Bubba Lime is a hybrid blend between Frosted Lime, a Sativa dominant breed with high CBD content and Bubba Kush, an indica strain that has heavily tranquilizing effects.

Terpene Profile

Bubba Lime has dominant citrusy terpenes limonene with some earthy ones like myrcene and humulene.

Myrcene: The terpene that causes couch- lock effect and makes it impossible for users to drag themselves from the couch is the strain that has mildly sedative properties. It also relieves inflammation and enhances relaxation.

Humulene: Found in hops and wood, this terpene has great anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

Limonene: A terpene found abundantly in Bubba Kush greatly reduces anxiety and stress. It citrusy aroma is what gives this strain its signature smell.

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