Alabama Study Commission Votes To Recommend Medical Cannabis Legislation

An Alabama commission tasked with studying medical cannabis has voted to recommend legalization. On Friday, the commission voted 12-6 in favor of legislation that would legalize and regulate medical cannabis in Alabama. Now, Republican Sen. Tim Melson, who chaired the commission, says the next move is to bring a draft of the bill reviewed by the group to the floor during the next legislative session. Melson will sponsor and introduce that bill at the start of the February 2020 session.

Two-Thirds Support for Medical Cannabis Among Study Commission

Along with its two-thirds vote in support of proposing medical marijuana legalization, Alabama’s Medical Cannabis Study Commission released a report of its discussion and findings. The report indicates that while views among commission members were mixed and diverse, there was broad consensus that both hemp and marijuana can “provide significant relief for symptoms of certain specified medical conditions.”

Despite shared views about the efficacy of cannabis as medicine, the commission struggled to find common ground on the issue of legalization itself. Those opposed to legalization efforts cited a number of concerns for their position, including the well-worn anti-legalization talking points around cannabis in the workplace, drug-impaired driving, fears over underage consumption and

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