7 Ways To Determine The Best CBD Dose You Should Take

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the 60+ active compounds that occur in cannabis plants. In recent years, a lot of research has been conducted on this compound to determine its benefits in treating different ailments. The results have mostly been positive, with studies suggesting that CBD has some beneficial effects on the body.

The main medical benefits of CBD include better sleep, reduced depression and anxiety, and better heart health. CBD is also known to reduce inflammation and soothe pain. However, CBD is not effective in treating these conditions if it is not taken in adequate doses. 

Though millions of people use CBD to treat different health conditions every year, a good percentage struggle with getting the right dosage for optimal results. The reasons for this are varied; they range from government regulations and inadequate research to individual body responses and absorption variations in CBD products. The truth is that there is no single CBD dosage that works for all.

So, how can you determine the best CBD dosage for your condition? Here are seven ways to do it:

Start With A Low Dosage And Increase Gradually

If you are just starting to use CBD oil, it is advisable that


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